Through good times and bad times

I'll be on your side forevermore

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PLEASE ADD alluringclichealluringclichealluringcliche. I NO LONGER USE THIS JOURNAL.

Pull the hair back from your eyes
Let the people see your pretty face
Try not to say anything weird

Save your questions without answers
'Til your old enough to know that things ain't as they appeared

Before you go out in the sun
Cover your skin and don't get burned
Beware the cancer, it might kill you when you're old

Be first in line, raise your hand
Remember everything you hear
And playing in the rain is worth catching cold

Sooner or later
We'll be lookin' back on everything
And we'll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening

Bethie, 15
Eating: Yogurt & Chips
Types with two fingers
Harry Potter Obsessed
Is Opinonated &
Self proclaimed

Little sister of LJ
Is silly
Very random
Jersey girl
Only child
Rain = Happiness
Aeropostale sweatshirts

SHOUTOUT TO THE CLASS OF 2005, 2009, and 2013! We rock! :)

Teh Testomonials

Have I mentioned that I love you latley? Because I do.

I like everything about you! You seem like a really well rounded person, you're kind, funny, and all that other nice stuff that is found a great person such as yourself.

(What she likes about me...) Everything! We have a lot in commom, plus you're really nice and funny. =D

I LOVE that you are a D\G shipper, and you're nice, funny, ect.!

You're very mature for your age and I absolutely love that about you. You're always willing to help out or cheer up a friend. I love youu. :)

Your my best online friend because your very sweet, kind, considerate, and it's fun to just hang out with you online. I've never been bored while we were making all those webbies.

Yay I love you guys too and all my LJ friends! My journal is Friends Only but I love making new friends so simply comment to be added.

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